Style #T3009

This is an elaborate corset style wedding dress made with an assortment of embellishments.  The draping jewels on the  top of the shoulders add drama to the style.   The beaded corset top is tastefully executed and displays a feminine appearance to the bridal gown.  This very special corset wedding gown could be made with any changes!


Designer Corset Wedding Dresses

We have a number of designer corset wedding dresses in this collection.  You will notice this dramatic style has a number of elements to the design.  There is a section that has a ruched bust.  Beaded fringe is layered over the shoulder. That is connected to a beaded lace strap that covers the top part of the shoulders. The ball gown skirt is full and has a built in crinoline to help keep the support of the skirt.  Designs like this are unique and couture in nature.  But if one of the features of this dress is more than what you want please know that you can make any change you like to any apart of this creative design.  We have other corset wedding dresses in our catalog of designs for you to consider.  PLease make sure to browse all of them.  Then just let us know which one you like the most as shown or with any change.


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