Style T3018

Darius Cordell fashion Ltd has designer wedding dresses that feature a key hole back.  This gown was made in silk.  But if you had it produced in polyester the price would decrease by over 50%.


Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd is an American based company that produces Keyhole back Wedding Dresses. We service brides from all over the globe.  All sizes are welcome as well.  This beaded bridal gown has a key hole back.  The opening on the back of the dress can be made more or less wide.  It can also be elongated or more closed if you prefer.  Each dress design is made specifically for the client.  Yours can be made with any changes you need.  This style covers the tops of the shoulders nicely.  But the open neckline featuring the sweetheart cut bust is open.  If you want your gown to have the back open just contact us for more information about Keyhole back Wedding Dresses from our company.  We will respond as promptly as possible.


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